Leading Women To Success – The Life Approach to Public Leadership

Leading Women to Success

 “Women’s economic equality is good for business. It is estimated that companies with three or more women in senior management functions score higher in all dimensions of organizational effectiveness.” United Nations Women.

Yet it’s still common for women to hesitate raising their hands and stepping into leadership positions whether it is in the workplace, or the community.

We believe in supporting women so they can step up into leadership roles yet still remain authentic and committed to their passion. Women can make significant impact in public and community while raising a family or taking care of themselves. In line with the United Nations Millennium Goals for 2030, we aim to see more women in management, on boards, in political positions, and on the local and world stage.

Our APPROACH TO PUBLIC LEADERSHIP program focuses on areas such as:

– Family and work life balance

– Significance of open and clear communication

– Breaking through the barriers of low self-belief and fear of criticism

– Preparing yourself to take on greater roles

– Public presentation and image

– Choosing a unique leadership path

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