Our Approach

Supporting women of all ages during transitions relating to family, education, career and business development.

The Life Approach

The Life Approach is a strategic business consultancy and career mentoring firm created to support women of all ages. The company was founded in early 2015 by leadership expert and social worker Jarrah Steen, and her sister-in-law Karla Steen a journalist, strategic marketing and communications consultant. We are based in Mackay, Queensland, but can work with clients around the country.


We use our experience, networks, and curiosity to gather, learn and share global ideas with women of all ages so they can tap into their own strength and take action on their dreams and ambitions. We offer programs, workshops and one-on-coaching. After years of experience working in the fields of media, government, business and non-profits, we have seen what can be accomplished when people are given the tools to take action on their ideas. Work with us so we can help tap into your own talents, skills, passions and experiences and see where they can take you.

Our Themes

Our key themes include communication, entrepreneurship, political and societal engagement, leadership, parenting, purposeful careers, pathways into the workforce, early intervention and prevention, and life work balance.